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Gordon Brown writes book on Britishness

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12 08 08 - 01:09
"Today, it's an amazing fact that 50% of Scots have close relatives in England, so it seems strange that people are talking of splitting up when there's such a level of connection at a human level at a family level with England," he said.

"Then you've got to look at what holds us together. People say the Empire, the benefits of industrialisation, the war years that we went through together. I don't think that's the case.

"I think we share the same values about liberty, about democracy, about the need for social cohesion and for people to work together co-operatively.

Tony Blair stressed that the defining thing about Britishness was our tolerance of other races and cultures - in other words our identity was the very lack of loyalty to our biological roots! Brown, who travels the world telling people "we're all internationalists now" and who is openly in favour of the New World Order, is hardly going to write anything calling for ethnic unity or glorifying that. The above quote shows that he won't even mention that as the chief reason, beyond financial considerations and the requirement to obey the law, that people cooperate in our society.

Meanwhile, Britain sinks into a multicultural nightmare. Brown wants to embrace anyone with a Brtish passport as qualfied to be a Brit - no matter that they have only just stepped off a plane from another continent.

It seems that his book is a jab against the Scottish National Party - who are fast gaining ground from Labour. But it won't work, because few people will read it and anyone who is interested enough in their identity to read a book on Britishness would find what he says to be wishy washy and unsubstatial. However, I agree with the sentiment that Britain should not split, unless the areas split for the reason that they wish to preserve and strengthen their indigenous ethnicity. That is not the aim of the SNP.

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