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Britain’s rich get richer even as recession begins to bite

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14 05 08 - 13:14
In his new book on international elites David Rothkopf observes, The rise of nation states produced national ruling classes. It would be odd
if the current integration of the world economy did not produce new global elites, business people and financiers who run global companies.

The degree of wealth disparity in the UK is astounding and Beresford is not the only commentator to note the increasing hostility towards the
super-rich. A couple of days after the publication of the list, Dominic Lawson opened his weekly column in the Independent newspaper by stating: If there is a bloody Bolshevik revolution in this country, I think I can guess the inflamatory pamphlet which will be waved by the people
putting the wealthy up against the walls and shooting them. It will notbe the Communist Manifesto. It will be the Sunday Times Rich List.


The planet is being raped of natural resources and a tiny minority owns most of the wealth. Indeed the business people and financiers, as murderers of the Earth, should be taken up against the walls and shot.

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"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
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From William Shakespeare's "Macbeth"