Equality as a concept defines the modern time. The notion that we're all equal, we're all one, love is all we need, and that we should avoid conflict because others have an equal right to their own ideas: it's all the same concept. Equality is our substitute for hierarchy and the need to have some wise leaders who tell others what to do.

Forward thinkers can identify four major problems with the mental concept of equality:

  1. Inaccurate. People are not equal in ability, but this will offend our sense of self-worth if we measure that in how well we create equality, so we'll fudge the data -- which skews the curve downward toward the less equal. This creates social decay.
  2. Averaging. When society rewards being equal, instead of being excellent, those who are average thrive -- and averages represent more of the lowest common denominator than the highest traits that make us proud of our species.
  3. Subsidy. Because equality is inaccurate, and yet we insist on it, we will end up subsidizing those who are less equal, instead of rewarding those who are more equal and producing more of them. This lowers our baseline of competence even further.
  4. Manipulation. When we uphold an unrealistic dogma as a superior form of reality, we are easily manipulated by anyone who promises this vision, and as more of the less equal gain enfranchisement, they as a lowest common denominator are most easily deceived.

Far from producing a Utopia, equality produces a hell. The instant we insist on a notion that is not reflected in reality, we become schizophrenic and balance two realities in our head: actual, physical, it's-out-there reality and a political/social reality where we're all equal. To get what we need to survive, we must use the political reality, but when no one is watching, we must be as realistic as possible. This creates a society that rewards us for being false in public and viciously self-serving in private.

Equality creates our greatest failures. Governments, corporations and mass religions do not arise on their own. They arise to service an audience that, brainwashed by political "reality" and dumbed-down by an insistence on reality, wants to purchase and vote for things that resemble its wishful thinking. Humanity's history is littered with failures caused by masses of people following silly illusions.

We are afraid to broach the taboo of unreality because it's impolite, it's bad marketing, and it makes us personally look bad socially. The first person to say "we are not equal" is at the mercy of the first swindler to show up and tell everyone what they want to hear, which is: we're all equal, we're all one, we can avoid conflict and just get along fine by insisting on equality. However, if brave and intelligent people do not stand up to illusion, they will be ruled by idiots.

Under the notion of equality, humanity has expanded like poured cement, covering the globe. Only a handful of places remain where you cannot see constant signs of human habitation. In particular, we have covered the globe in fences and roads that divide up natural ecosystems and interrupt the life cycles of their species. We cannot stop ourselves because we are politically all equal, which means that any person with the money and desire should be able to purchase and develop any land they encounter.

The Anti-Equality movement (AE) exists to gain consensus among those people in our society capable of independent action. We want these people to, through logic and argument, come to see how equality is a dangerous notion and agree it should be opposed. At that point, our goal is to unite on a codeword -- like "organic hierarchy" -- and vote equality out of office and disenfranchise the "less equal," all peacefully without a violent revolution.