Cactus Records and Video

cactus records and video in houston texas has a mainstream metal and some death and black metal selection

This place has a good basic selection of mainstream independent and rock/pop artists; there is excellent support for popular heavy and speed metal like Iron Maiden or Metallica, but there is little of the underground beyond top releases from Roadrunner, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, and the like. However, that which is there is well cared for and there are a few surprises. CDs tend to be expensive (near $16 for most new releases) but discounts are available, used CDs are plentiful and priced near market value, and there are some amazingly discography-spanning displays for hevay metal bands. Next to one of the world's greatest bookstores.
Cactus Records and Video
2930 South Shepherd
Houston, Tx 77098

v: 713 526 9272

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