A doom band with Dutch and English members, seems a powerful combination of musical and aesthetic elements.

Production: Relatively clear, ample enough room although nothing outstanding.

Review: Creepmime come in the midst of a gimmick explosion in doom metal but come with an actual vision of songwriting, and actual playing power, to such a degree that they will not only outstrip similar acts but will also be almost totally ignored by the mainstream death metal/doom metal market.

Their melodic but oddly dissonant, abrasive and experimental approach to songwriting works with a style that's not rock n roll as much as pure metal, and adds elements of complexity and interest to already well-written tunes, with less of a traditional doom emphasis on hooks as much as a focus on good core material.

There's a lot of it - these songs are all five minutes long at least - but one never gets bored: there's not the absolute emphasis on repetition we've come to expect with doom. Very dark while very musical, very well done. Produced by Patrick Mammeli of Pestilence.

BLACK   |   DEATH   |   HEAVY   |   SPEED   |   THRASH   |   GRINDCORE

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