With a founding member of Imprecation and long-standing KTRU radio host on guitars, this band knows the old school riff codex and applies it to a new voice using primal death metal elements.
flag of Texas Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation (2007)
Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors of Death (2011)

Making a voice of its own out of the fertile ground left by old school death metal, Blaspherian combines the thunderous riffing of primitive death metal with the cryptic song structures of occult black metal. This creates "riff poems" that approach a topic, work themselves through an understanding of it, and then withdraw into an atmosphere of cavernous oblivion.

1. Allegiance to the Will of Damnation (5:14) mp3 sample
2. Curse His Name (5:07)
3. Prayer of Satanic Hate (4:58) mp3 sample
4. Crusade Towards Unholy Deliverance (5:58)
5. Enthroned in Blasphemous Triumph (4:38) mp3 sample
6. Of Unholy Blood (3:16)
7. To Walk the Path of Unrighteousness (3:25)
Length: 32:39

Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation: Death Metal 2007 Blood Harvest
Copyright © 2007 Die Todesrune Records

Riff styles resemble the early days of death metal, reminiscent of the spawn of Morpheus Descends and Asphyx, but these riffs are placed in songs that are simple in a structure that is unique in configuration, as if adapted to the riffs themselves. Like all good death metal, each successive riff complements the previous riffs and puts them into a new context, creating a mood of exploration in obscurity.

Old school death metal eschews offbeat-based rhythms for cadences, introducing a slow rolling doom like thunder in distant mountains, and Blaspherian make this effect powerful by slowly introducing larger patterns that enclose the simple but all-encompassing rhythmic riffing. The result is like a demon birthing itself, a sense of morbidity curling up around a more basic pattern to assimilate it.

Vocals resemble the occult rantings of Sadistic Intent or Resuscitator, and song pacing calls to mind the spirit of the aforementioned Asphyx, but individual riffs resemble Obituary, Infester and a slowed-down first album Deicide. While it does not work to distinguish itself in style, this music gains a life of its own by combining artifacts of the past and finds a new voice for them within that style.

Salvaging the dark atmosphere from old school death metal, Blaspherian distill a wide lexicon of technique into their own style of thunderous doom-death. Infernal Warriors of Death, while its cover evokes the Immolation influence lurking especially in its vocal patterns, synthesizes influences from both Europe and the USA into a vision not of chaos but a deliberate, subversive and corrupting evil.

1. The Disgrace of God (4:28)
2. Desecration Eternal (3:35)
3. Sworn to Death and Evil (4:09)mp3 sample
4. Lies of the Cross (4:45)
5. Infernal Warriors of Death (4:57)mp3 sample
6. In the Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory (4:34)
7. Invoking Abomination (5:04)mp3 sample
8. Exalted in Unspeakable Evil (5:02)
Length: 36:34

Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors of Death: Death Metal 2011 Deathgasm
Copyright © 2011 Deathgasm

No guitar solos mar the mood of slow descent into cavernous echoing doom which in classic death metal style fits riffs together in a labyrinth that becomes coherent only when complete. Elemental chromatic riffs cluster in successive patterns serving verse and chorus roles without allowing songs to be fit into such binary patterns. In the cudgel-primitive method of primal death metal, the detuned riffs lead and the drums, vocals and lyrics follow as best they can, producing a contorting structure of vast internal contrast.

Obvious influences include Asphyx, Diabolical Conquest-era Incantation, Cianide, and the ability to twist a single muted chord into a riff that marked early Malevolent Creation (The Ten Commandments). The result falls easily into vocal cadences that sweep the listener into an immersive world of riffs like cryptic symbols carved into the wall of a cave. A massive evolution from the first Blaspherian album, Infernal Warriors of Death rebirths the old school death metal sound in living form.

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