Beherit - "Celebrate the Dead"

18 06 12 - 19:34

Black metal + dubstep

Numen - intention = essence


Jim Necrofagger

Do most women enjoy introducing stuff into their pussies when they masturbate, or friction of the clitoris is more than enough? It seems to me that women don’t really enjoy sex , they only do it as a medium to get something in return…

Jim Necrofagger - 19-06-’12 07:23
Versus Guy

Chateaux vs Grim Reaper

Legeng vs Tokyo Blade

Raven vs Tygers of Pang Tang

Diamond Head vs Spartan Warrior

Samson vs Saxon

Savatage vs Exciter

Satan vs Jaguar

Angel Witch vs

Versus Guy - 19-06-’12 10:52

A.N.U.S. is one horrible site. It offers some shitty reviews. Those of A.N.U.S don’t go outside a lot. They are ass-trolls who come to concerts and act like total faggoths.

Truth - 19-06-’12 11:06

By the way, why don’t you punkass bitches try to find me in Sacramento and call me a cocksucker to my face like a man?

I thought you indo-europeans were manly?

Truth - 19-06-’12 11:08

by the way I suck cocks….

see! I beat you to the punch…

no I still am not gay, but I still am not a racist either…
think about that one…

truth - 19-06-’12 14:42
Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment



Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment - 19-06-’12 16:36

Aspics: modern day Neanderthals?

Scientist - 19-06-’12 16:59
Post your IQ

2006 for a “learning disability accommodation school thing”: 98 – deliberately preformed poorly (ie:gave incorrect answers to things I knew, stalled on timed questions) to get learning accommodations from school (ie:so I could slack/get spares/watch shota n’ shit)
2009: 102-108: try my hardest but smoking lotsa res/personal problems, readn’ ANUS, feel worthless/prolish
2011: within 120 range: thats all they told me/they didn’t give me my exact score, but I guess I won’t be executed by prozakian officials now lolyay.

Post your IQ - 19-06-’12 17:35
Girl with the ANUS tattoo.

“This week I went up to visit some friends in another part of my state. One owns a moderately successful coffee shop in a small resort town where he attracts a lot of 9+ twenty-something scenester poon by putting on shows and the like.
One caught my eye with a tattoo around her thigh of a garter belt with a derringer tucked into it, all in shades of pink, enticingly half-displayed by a black lace miniskirt. Above, a flannel coat and low-cut black top to match. She had the logo of Viijay Prozak’s A.N.U.S. tattooed on her foot, a Kali Maa pendant around her neck, ink black hair cut like that goth kid on South Park always flicking his bangs out of his eyes, and very obvious nervous tics.
Several red flags, then, but I figured from the tattoos she might be worth talking to, and so it was — for the next two hours in fact. By the end of it she was enthralled, her word, by my conversation, touched off by flatly replying “Yes” to her question, “Are you a Fascist?”
But as I sat there at the folding table outside smoking my American Spirits and trying to bridge the abyss from my cognitive environment to hers, turning the world right side up for her in my meager haphazard fashion, I felt indescribably low and absurd. What was I after? did I even want to be in bed with this obviously sick little creature despite her compelling physical charms? what’s in it for me after all? am I rationalizing inability, or is this feeling of banality an accurate assessment of the cost-benefit structure in dealing with her?
I watched this thing flicking her hair, shuffling her feet, chain-smoking, her tongue moving faster than her brain, all backwardness, depression, self-alienation, cynicism and defeat — and even when I saw the sparkle in her eyes as we agreed that she would follow me to a bar in her own vehicle, the next moment I was back with my buddy and I sped off completely unmindful of her behind us.
The moral here, I guess, is that these are seriously sick beings we have to treat with. They’ve become so backward, I am genuinely more revolted than thrilled by the prospect of laying one.”

Girl with the ANUS tattoo. - 19-06-’12 17:36
Cowboy Killer

you smoke American Spirits? fag

Cowboy Killer - 19-06-’12 17:59
@ truth

you and your mom have one thing in common: you’re both very good at sucking penis.

@ truth - 19-06-’12 19:22

This is how metal should be. Warlike yet positive.

bump - 20-06-’12 01:38

$500 to the person that can tell me the name of the metal band this song belong to:

Feel as if I’m wasting my time
You tell me your problems but don’t listen to mine
This happens to me all the time
Being just friends isn’t worth a dime
This happens to me again and again
Unless we have sex, you know we can
You tell me you love me, but just as a brother
I’m sick of this shit, so why even bother
Why must a girl fuck with a guy’s head
And make him feel like he’d rather be dead
You’ll fill my head with lies and truth
And we’re just friends because of you

Just friends such a waste
Just friends show my haste
Just friends this really sucks
Just friends why can’t we fuck?
Just friends such a waste
Just friends show my haste
Just friends this really sucks
Just friends why can’t we fuck?
Just friends such a waste

You think we’d be the best of friends
Because our friendship should never end
I’ve heard the same shit over and over
My pride was high, but now it’s lower

GRAND $ CONTEST - 20-06-’12 06:11

cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks

cocks - 20-06-’12 13:10
Worst site ever...

The truth…

Worst site ever... - 20-06-’12 16:35

This is how Levy’s mom should be. Whorelike, yet positive.

@bump - 20-06-’12 16:39

Do u guys think human relationships are meanigfull or are they futile because the moron masses can never understand the true eternal beauty of transcendental idealist tradinoalist holist hessian art?

I wish my mom could just understand….

Moringotto - 20-06-’12 16:43
LOL fuck off faux/chic 1st year English lit student nihilism. “My parents won’t buy me a new iphone. I am so dark and cynical and cultured and stuff because I read fag mall literature like Chuck Phalliniuik.“

LOL Chuck Pahliniuc is gay. Which makes Fight Club just an extended metaphor for a bunch of fags who reject hetero society and meet in the base.ment of bars and back alleys to “fight” (eg: cockrub command) so that they can feel “alive” (eg: gay orgasms). Frot it up bros!

LOL fuck off faux/chic 1st year English lit student nihilism. “My parents won’t buy me a new iphone. I am so dark and cynical and cultured and stuff because I read fag mall literature like Chuck Phalliniuik.“ - 20-06-’12 16:48


WIN $500

GRAND $ CONTEST - 20-06-’12 19:19
Serious Answerer

Averse Sefira – Just Friends (Inexorable Absolution)

Serious Answerer - 20-06-’12 23:19

Oh god, so lonely…

Levy_Spearmen - 20-06-’12 23:20
@ Serious Answerer

Oh, don’t feel lonely man, I can be your friend if you want…

@ Serious Answerer - 21-06-’12 06:31

Happy Midsummer, faggots!

NIGGERMAN420 - 21-06-’12 10:01

I’ll give you guys a hint, it’s a grindcore band from the late 80´s…

GRAND $ CONTEST - 21-06-’12 10:07


Answer - 21-06-’12 12:14
Negru Vodka

where the fuck is that Sak Noel faggot?

Negru Vodka - 21-06-’12 13:44
only non-virgin here

Where’s the dubstep? Do you even know what dubstep is?

only non-virgin here - 21-06-’12 15:55
get a fucking life...

fuck racist

get a fucking life... - 21-06-’12 16:19
See how much hypocrisy you can spot to earn pokemon points!

Lets play spot the hypocrisy!

Rock music Is a scam:

“University of California-based team of researchers has isolated some of the ways in which distorted and jarring music is so evocative, and they believe that the mechanisms are closely related to distress calls in animals.

They report their findings in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Biology Letters, which publishes online June 12.

‘Music that shares aural characteristics with the vocalizations of distressed animals captures human attention and is uniquely arousing,’ said Daniel Blumstein, one of the study’s authors and chair of the UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. – Daily Fail”

Makes sense: regression to our lowest impulses means everyone is accepted. No wonder it’s so popular.

See how much hypocrisy you can spot to earn pokemon points! - 21-06-’12 16:22

Can not stomach reading anus or amerika anymore..

pureshitforgays. - 21-06-’12 16:33
@ pureshitforgays

shut the fuck up faggot! nobody gives a shit about you or your faggoty opinions. Go sit on your grandpa’s cock and stay there for good.

@ pureshitforgays - 21-06-’12 19:07
Mastodon fan

If a customer randomly approached me, was reasonably well dressed (aka not uber slobby or bad hygiene) and polite, and smiled and engaged me in conversation, I would probably respond positively. If responding positively, if a guy continued to chit chat, ask me personal questions, and I didn’t give one-word answers, I’d most likely agree to a date.

Mastodon fan - 22-06-’12 00:18

lol are you kidding me dude. Is that from an actual anus article, for realz? link pls. That’s too hilarious to be true.

@hypocrisy - 22-06-’12 02:44
serious questioner

Is ANUS a racist site? Racism is disgusting, I will have to withhold my delicious cock from all blog post readers if it’s true…

serious questioner - 22-06-’12 05:04
Cowboy Killer

who else thinks that Allegiance to the Will of Damnation is better than Infernal Warriors of Death?

Cowboy Killer - 22-06-’12 05:28
Welcumm To the Jungle

many dicks will be sucked with this album. lots of frot and rimjobs to be performed, fellatios everywhere, squirting cum of big fat cocks; exploding balls and homo erotic orgasms! fuck yeah!!!

Welcumm To the Jungle - 22-06-’12 14:04
@ Mastodon fan


@ Mastodon fan - 22-06-’12 14:06
i see too many niggers on metal


i see too many niggers on metal - 22-06-’12 14:34
Mystifier, EntombeD

What is this plodding butt noise. Beherit is usually awesome but this one is scrotum jam

Mystifier, EntombeD - 22-06-’12 17:33
Erotic Homosexual

je t’aime, tu ;)

Erotic Homosexual - 23-06-’12 00:33
@ @hypocrisy

Front page, about halfway down.

@ @hypocrisy - 23-06-’12 00:35
Classic: was really a fucking sitcom when you think about:

Main character: Alex Birch

Main characters best friend: Brett Stevens

Token minority: Frank Azzurro

Wacky/quirky/Kramer character: Martin Regnen

Token gay dude: Alfred Wells

Love interest: Bhetti Ameen

Annoying cunt/Elane character: Sophie

Witty/cosmopolitan/cougarish lady character: Victoria McMagnus

Conflicting love interest: Nina Myhre

Alex sure did love himself some diversity. I guess thats his Swedish side shining through.

ohhh and lols, I know where on Corrupt you can hear BrettStevens voice but i’m not going to tell you teehee. Hint: he sounds like an aspic.

Classic: - 23-06-’12 01:03

I heard prozaks voice before on that radio show. He sounded like a lethargic nerd. First words out of his mouth were “each time someone dies”, so deep bro.

enlightened - 23-06-’12 07:07
yay Prozak fan#1 !!!!

where where? I wanna hear Prozak’s voice! yay please post link or tell me where??

yay Prozak fan#1 !!!! - 23-06-’12 10:44
Kiss my dick in shame


Kiss my dick in shame - 23-06-’12 18:08
@ yay Prozak fan#1

You can hear prozaks voice on this website:

Look on the right of the screen, click list of “old radio shows” and click the links where it says “DJ Prozak”

@ yay Prozak fan#1 - 23-06-’12 22:44

NegruVoda has horrible taste in music.

NocturnalTerror - 24-06-’12 01:58
brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

It was recently Quorthon’s anniversary so I went to pay tribute to our fallen brother in arms. I went to the highest point in my forest and hailed my sword triumphantly to the sky while shouting “Blood for all tears shed, fire for hate, death for what shall become all false ones fate!”. My cape was shining brightly as the twilight set. HAIL QUORTHON, HAIL BATHORY, HAIL THE UPHOLDERS OF TRUE METAL!!!

brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death - 24-06-’12 04:17

Indeed, Bathory has made some excellent music.

NocturnalTerror - 24-06-’12 04:19
@ NocturnalTerror

why don’t you like Blessed Death? Their second release is pretty cool. The first one is an acquired taste, appealing if you like say first Exciter, Blood Money, first Agent Steel and Sentinel Beast.

Oh and, my cock is at least 4 inches bigger than yours… in case you were going there…

@ NocturnalTerror - 24-06-’12 08:42
@ @ yay Prozak fan#1

Thanks dude. Prozak is awesome.

@ @ yay Prozak fan#1 - 24-06-’12 08:43
@brutal sperg

assburgers to the max

screencapped, thanks for the luls

@brutal sperg - 24-06-’12 08:52
@ @brutal sperg


@ @brutal sperg - 24-06-’12 08:55


SAME DUDE - 24-06-’12 08:55
Chucky the neophite

I was listening to Blessed Death and headbanging while taking a shit, im telling you guyz, it’s just that good!!! Can’t stop headbangin to their 1st record!!!!

Chucky the neophite - 24-06-’12 10:26
i think this is an Averse Sefire tune no?

Oh, say! can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming;
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In fully glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh, long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution!
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

i think this is an Averse Sefire tune no? - 24-06-’12 10:55
brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

HURR DURR BRUTAL SPERG the fuck you going to do with that screencap anyway you fucking faggot? Aren’t you busy buttfucking your marxist twink boys after getting all randy from reading Gramsci and Lukacs? Still thinking about coming over to Romania and pounding your ass in to teach you a lesson you little homo.

brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death - 24-06-’12 14:04
post your favorite Averse Sefira songs

What’s your favorite Averse Sefira song? Mine is “To The Homeland Return And Rejoice”

post your favorite Averse Sefira songs - 24-06-’12 22:04
brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death - 25-06-’12 01:22
post your favorite Averse Sefira songs

mine is Barbie Girl

post your favorite Averse Sefira songs - 25-06-’12 01:25
just getting into metal

I can’t believe that Metal Archives considers Vader as death-thrash instead of death metal. their genre tags are ridiculous don’t you guys agree?

Vader is highly recommended by Prozak and he is always right about everything metal related. How come he is so knowledgeable?

just getting into metal - 25-06-’12 11:09
just getting into metal

and what the hell is a manlet? i’m from Argentina and 5,9 is not bad.

just getting into metal - 25-06-’12 11:10
fuck this site.

More like Beherit – Celibate, the aspic.

fuck this site. - 25-06-’12 13:16
fucking aspics....

Another day, another pointless copypasta article on

fucking aspics.... - 25-06-’12 13:20
Frot EM' ALL!!!

Frot is a slang term derived from frottage (ult. from the French verb frotter, “to rub”) describing a form of non-penetrative male/male sex that usually but not always involves direct penis-to-penis contact.1
The term “frot” was originally popularized by gay male activists who disparaged the practice of anal sex.2 The term has since evolved to encompass a variety of preferences for the act, which may or may not imply particular attitudes towards other sexual activities.
Owing to its non-penetrative character, frot has the safe sex advantage of minimizing the transmission risk for HIV/AIDS,3 and may also help to lower the risk of certain other sexually transmitted infections, without the inconvenience of purchasing condoms and condom-safe lubricants.

Frot EM' ALL!!! - 25-06-’12 15:01
Serious questioner

Pretty much every person thinks this way about the anusian thrash/speed dilemma:

Thrash = Violence, Destruction, everything aspics call speed metal
Crossover = D.R.I, S.O.D, everything aspics call thrash metal

So in this view (the standard/normal view) where does this leave speed metal?

In this view, is speed metal just the stuff in the 80’s that was kinda like power metal but also somewhat Metallica reminiscent like early Fates Warning?

Is there actually a band that can be OBJECTIVELY called speed metal in the non-ANUSian sense? What about something like “Skeptics Apocalypse?” or Hirax? ANUS would lump all of that stuff in the same category as Sodom and Slaughter Lord as “speed metal”. But bands like that challenge the ANUSian view in my opinion, because they don’t sound like the rawer more aggressive/less technical bands that everyone else just calls thrash metal.

…or is SPEED METAL indeed a made up term and the ANUSians are wrong and there is only TRASH METAL and both crossover stuff and Skeptics Apocalypse and Ride The Lightning can all share that umbrella?

This is so complicated

Serious questioner - 25-06-’12 15:17
brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

HURR DURR MANLET HURR I already told you I’m 5’11 so eat a bowl of dick you worthless fuck!!!!

brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death - 25-06-’12 17:01
physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod.

Brutal slayer! I am 5’11 too! (no homo)

physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod. - 25-06-’12 17:16
@ Serious questioner

Great questions! First off, let me tell you: ANUS is always right, always.

Skeptics of Apocalypse is an interesting album because half of it is speed-metal in the Anus term and the other half is power metal.

I do get your point, there are bands that are neither Thrash Metal (non Anus term) nor Heavy or Power metal; the music is sort of in between right?

Examples: early Exciter, Agent Steel, Sentinel Beast, first Onslaught, Piledriver, first Warhead and of course first Blessed Death album.

Blessed Death – Kill Or Be Killed 1985

All these bands have two things in common: 1 they all released albums between 1983-1985, 2 they never made it big. When they released their music, NWOBHM was fading out and Thrash (non Anus) was barely getting popular.

Speed metal in the non-Anus term is speedy-punkish heavy metal played with the techniques that were in vogue at the time. Speed Metal as used in Anus or Thrash by non Anusites is different than Heavy Metal or its intermediate states a) power metal b) punkish-heavy metal.

Here is a discussion from guys that were there at the time this shit was happening:

These guys recall that back in the day Megadeth called themselves Speed Metal and they even admit that Thrash was used by skate thrashers rather than headbangers.

@ Serious questioner - 25-06-’12 18:07

Instead, what we’re seeing is a destruction of indigenous populations and their replacement with a known quantity. This known quantity is not some adventurous, interesting and genius new race of humankind, but the same old mishmash of people without culture or heritage that we find in most third-world states.

This is why Israel is leading the way in the charge back to nationalism. We can have only one: nationalism or internationalism. Internationalism as it turns out is genocide that destroys societies and makes victims of everyone.

RACIST JEWS ON THE CHARGE!!!!! - 26-06-’12 07:37
Dinaric Leather and Umbrage of the Anus Forum

I know I said I was leaving but I haven’t sucked my last cock yet. I wanted to make a thread on this subject for a long time, but put it off because I couldn’t find the exact right way to put a 14 inch dildo up my butt, but fuck it, this needs to be done. It might be a little sloppy because of that but hopefully the point will get across.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of smart bisexual kids identifying more with their long severed Bisexual ancestry (Often Frot but also Oral, Anal, Fisting etc) despite usually heavy admixture with other Homo tribes aside from the one they identify with. I’m guessing this comes out of the bullshit assumption that Bisexuality is somehow “less gay” than Homosexuality. They also often have plans to move to somewhere in Europe, usually the place of their most substantial homosexuality, under the assumption the people there are more bisexual. That’s a stupid assumption because it’s pretty much the same situation there with AIDS, big cities generally have liberal gay culture and the rural areas hold the true culture of the Frot. Also, for a substantial period of time, bisexuals were often considered more homosexual (probably a happy side effect of our cock2cock roots) but I digress.

I’m going to say something I would think is gay, but American cultures are still in denial, some have endured more anal than others, such as for example Texas, Argentina, and Quebec which are fairly solid bisexual groups. Some areas like the mid-western US don’t have much of a gay orgy to speak of yet, and many are in between having something of a gay orgy but not a very concrete homosexual group yet (The Southwestern US, Cascadia, Alaska etc.)

Our ancestors came to these continents expecting to suck new cocks, if you want to turn your back on all your ancestors hard work then go ahead retreat back to bisexuality but I think that’s an anti-traditionalist and cowardly way of looking at things. It’s about time homosexuals in the US, and elsewhere in the Americas for that matter, to start being proud of their homosexuality, quit being nostalgic for bisexuality and begin sucking beautiful new cocks. We have the unique opportunity to shape and form what will be the basis of American homosexuality for thousands of years.

And before some smug transvestite or self hating bisexual pussy starts calling Americans faggots or what not, every Homosexual nation that exists now is made up of a mix of previously existing bisexual tribes.

Dinaric Leather and Umbrage of the Anus Forum - 27-06-’12 06:28
Mc burger

Compañia: Teatro de la Bodega
Nombre: Victor Parra
tel. 56975745

A los moderadores, gracias por permitir esta publicación.

Seminario Teórico- Práctico ¡De la Mesa al Escenario!

Identificar el género dramático por medio del análisis y la forma de actuar
estos géneros a través de la práctica escénica.

DIRIGIDO A: Actores en formación que estén en búsqueda de crecimiento y
herramientas para una mejor interpretación de personajes. Que quieran refinar su
arte, aprendiendo a revelar el contenido dramático y quieran saber cómo actuar
cada género.

8 sesiones de 2hrs. 8 jueves de 16 a 18hrs. Inicio 05 de Julio del 2012
Inscripción GRATIS.
Inversión $1200 Facilidades de pago- puedes pagar por sesión.
Descuento del 15% si pagas la totalidad antes de iniciar el curso.
Imparten- Prof. Victor Parra y Profa.María Teresa Garagarza.
Cel. 044 5559063191

Mc burger - 27-06-’12 15:47
Phlim Necrofaggot

I’m not well versed in lots of specifics, but broadly speaking we can look to different pornographic videos and see a recurring theme of frot as homoerotic and this idea of different positions – missionary-frot, traditional standing frot, reach around spooning frot (with cock between the thighs), the group frot sessions of Mastadonian philosophy, Cockswald Spunkler, etc. I think Homola uses this as well. I think I take exception with certain aspects of strict Gay Traditionalism when, in roundabout ways, they basically indict entire sexual positions, including their geniuses. It gets ridiculous when rimming or anal sex in general is written off as basically too boisterous or fiery, not even-tempered enough. I’ve seen this line of thinking floated in various places in the “homosphere.” The whole idea is that a mad-frot-sesh produces Queero Mchungo, a gaysex mad-man. Of course people are products of their sexual proclivities to a large extent and aberrant homosex produce aberrant cock-masters, but I think this is too reductive and there are other things at play.

First of all, if there are such things as “cock cycles,” then it must be a number of cocks rubbing at once. Big cocks, small cocks, cocks within cocks, and cocks rubbing concurrently. Perhaps one could say individual gay dance clubs rub on their own cock, but at the same time, there is a larger cock in motion for the entire dance club, in general. Furthermore, you can’t completely fault the “bisexual view.” When we think of teaching young homosexuals, or transmitting gay culture to the next era we do it with the idea that we are actively rubbing the future cocks and that our homosex will be carried on, as we carried on our uncles homosex. We can also talk about the realms of cockmastery. If you chart how gay or bisexual “progress” is made throughout large swaths of time, you can understand how there are aspects of discrimination still at play when one talks about homosexuality. There must be aspects of frot that are cock stimulation and other aspects that are nipple/tongue stimulation.

Furthermore, can we talk about acts of homosexuality that are impervious to hetero oppression? I like the idea of an erection, that can’t exactly be put into an ass, that has been stimulated throughout gym class although touched differently by the rare bisexuals and cock hungry faggots throughout lunch break. This back alley rendezvous is our Destiny, and the bathhouse we live in is our Fate.

Musings from my ANUS.

Phlim Necrofaggot - 27-06-’12 16:44
Fuck off...

Fuck racial spearation and fuck you…

Forcing people to breed with their own kind is the dumbest idea i have ever heard of…

Multiculturalism is cool, its just racits websites that make you think its the problem…

Fuck off... - 27-06-’12 17:13

Meant to say racist, but you get the picture…

Also sucking cocks is none of your fucking business, and how would you know i did that shit unless you were joining in you fucking fag?

fuck - 27-06-’12 17:14
@ Phlim Necrofaggot

“This back alley rendezvous is our Destiny, and the bathhouse we live in is in France.”
This part made me laugh so hard! Then I realized I misread it.

@ Phlim Necrofaggot - 27-06-’12 22:00
Serious questioner

Thanks allot for clearing all of that up for me, and thanks for the recommendations!

But I am still a little confused, so let me explain my confusion with an analogy…

In death metal, a band like Incantation and early Atheist really don’t sound at all similar, but at the end of the day they both are death metal and share enough similar qualities to comfortably fit side by side in the DM umbrella. You can split hairs and obfuscate by calling one “progressive death” or “blasphemous death” or “jazz-fusion death” or “brutal death” but the broad heading of DEATH METAL still holds all the cards….Or in black metal you can have “raw” or “melodic” or “atmospheric” but it still just makes sense to just say black metal when labelling them.

Isn’t it the same with speed/thrash/crossover?

At the end of the day, don’t bands like Megadeth, D.R.I, Kreator, Onslaught, Hirax, ect have more in common then not? Why not just do away with the sub groupings and just say THRASH METAL – but use the smaller groupings for only super precise cases like when you wan’t to find recommendations ect..?

Serious questioner - 27-06-’12 23:19
Reference guy

Numen – intention = essence “


Reference guy - 27-06-’12 23:20
Worried Hessian

Guys where is Sak Noel? I’m starting to get worried…

Worried Hessian - 27-06-’12 23:27
@Cowboy Killer

Yeah, I think Allegiance to the Will of Damnation was more coherent overall. Infernal Warriors of Death had a few filler moments and some riffs that felt awkwardly put together, however it did included the FUCKING CLASSIC song DESECRATION ETERNAL!!! The first song is incredible too, but overall I enjoy Allegiance more.

Ironically, the first song off of Cianide’s “Gods of Death”( which was also the best song on that album) was DESECRATION Storm. Weird how both albums had similar titles for both their albums and their best songs, and were released in the same year!

Desecration Eternal first riff was also the riff of the year IMO.

I miss 2010 =(

My life sucks so much now…

@Cowboy Killer - 27-06-’12 23:31
Pleasant Conversationalist

Here is a pleasant song to listen too. Her voice is lovely, I hope you all enjoy it!

Pleasant Conversationalist - 27-06-’12 23:34

Fucking superlative…. - 28-06-’12 00:45

Drawing Down the Moon will forever be Beherit’s best.

NocturnalTerror - 28-06-’12 00:53

Hey tiny midget, don’t mean to over-dramatize this, but your comments have really been crossing the line lately. I know you’re joking, but I feel disrespected. Just try to watch what you say from now on.

Levy_Spearmen - 28-06-’12 01:11
@ Serious questioner

- At the end of the day, don’t bands like Megadeth, D.R.I, Kreator, Onslaught, Hirax, ect have more in common then not?

It’s already been done by the Metal-ARchives people and Sam Dunn.
The problem is they are not wholy accurate and I believe that the Anus terminology beats them in historical accuracy (at least when reffering to thrash and speed metal).

To use the current popular terminology: crossover thrash and thrash metal are ideologically and artistically so different to a point it would be ridiculous to use one single term to describe them both. In that case we should just call everything Metal and get it over with.

Subgenres exist, they have a name or a variety of names but there is always on name that is the ORIGINAL because it was the first to be used to describe that particular subgenre. That name may fall in disuse with the pass of time but even that doesn’t make the original name invalid.

The original terms to describe the new subgenres was as Anus refers to them.

@ Serious questioner - 28-06-’12 06:34
@ Levy_Spearmen

Tiny Midget hasn’t been here in ages, what has he said to you that was so over the top offensive?

@ Levy_Spearmen - 28-06-’12 10:30
brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

A liberal muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Karl Marx.
‘Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Marx and accept that he was the most highly evolved being that the world has ever known; even greater than Jesus Christ”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, pro-life Navy SEAL champion who had served 1500 tours of duty and understood the necessity of war and fully supported all military decision made by the United States stood up and held up a rock.

“How old is this rock?”

The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied “4.6 billion years, you stupid Christian”

“Wrong. It’s been 5,000 years since God created it, If it was 4.6 billion years old and evolution, as you say, is real…. then it should be an animal now.”

The Professor was visibly shaken and dropped his copy of Origin of the Species.He stormed out of the room crying those liberal crocodile tears.

The students applauded and all registered Republican that day and accepted Jesus as their lord and savior. An eagle named “Small Government” flew into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tear on the chalk board. The pledge of allegiance was read several times, and God himself showed up and enacted a flat tax rate across the country.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of the gay plague AIDS and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

Semper Fi.
P.S. Close the borders

brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death - 28-06-’12 16:05
music 101

Eminem = M&M = Marshall Matters

p.s. nice copypasta there brutal midget

music 101 - 28-06-’12 18:08
Fuck anus by Adrian...

Ethno-cultures don’t mix?

Only a racist fucktard would say some shit like that…

I love hawaiian women. Not the immigrants the natives…and i’ll be damned if someone tells me I cannot be with a woman of hawaiian descent just because I’m black…


Fuck anus by Adrian... - 28-06-’12 18:40

As a matter of fact…

The only thing that people dislike about this site is its views on race. Other than that depopulating the earth doesnt bother people at all…

Adrian - 28-06-’12 18:41
serious questioner who has never seen a vagina

Do black men really have bigger dicks than white men on average, or is that just a media/porn myth? Also, does penis size really matter to a woman anyway? Women orgasm mostly via clitoral stimulation, and the inside of the vagina doesn’t have many nerve endings and isn’t that sensitive, so I’ve read…

One more question. Do women actually enjoy giving blowjobs?

serious questioner who has never seen a vagina - 28-06-’12 18:50
serious curbstomper

“The only thing that people dislike about this site is its views on race.”

Not true, I dislike its shitty stance on music too.

serious curbstomper - 29-06-’12 08:43
Anus Scholar

hey guys! have you noticed that every once in a while Prozak screws up Big time and then tries to hide his mistakes?

Take for instance the Nargaroth reviews, they were praised like masterpieces and after the Nargaroth fag claimed his band was a joke, Prozak quickly erased those reviews!

Same thing with Christ Agony, Ritual, Summon, Miscreant, Satanic Slaughter, Altar, Forgotten Tomb, Trelldom.

Anus Scholar - 29-06-’12 16:47
Gained Passion

Lay your hands… Your healing hands
Upon my flesh… My sinful flesh
And heal this soul… My atheist soul
For I am lost without your rule

The light I’ve denied for my entire life
Now calls to me… It shines on me
Jesus guides me… And soon I’ll see
That with His love my anger dies

My devotion to Christ is complete
I pray to him on the cross
My neighborhood now accepts me
I’m part of society
Positivity sets me free
Jesus you liberate me

He helped me
See my flaws
I’m living now
My faith sustains
I’ve suffered long
My ignorance

Lost in atheism
I lost my soul
Lost my way
I followed You
You led me to church
I met a nice girl there
Now there’s hope
I’m getting married

My devotion to Christ is complete
I pray to him on the cross
My neighborhood now accepts me
I’m part of society
Positivity sets me free
Jesus you liberate me

Gained Passion - 29-06-’12 16:51

Lay your COCK… Your healing COCK
Upon my MOUTH… My sinful MOUTH
And heal this BUTTHOLE… My atheist BUTTHOLE
For I am lost without your JIZZ

The COCK I’ve denied for my entire life
Now calls to me… It shines on me
Jesus FUCKS me… And soon I’ll see
That with His COCK my anger dies

My devotion to Christ PHALLUS is complete
I SUCK him on the cross
My neighborhood now accepts me
I’m part of GAY society
HOMOSEXUALITY sets me free
Jesus you liberate me

See my ASS
I’m living now
My COCK sustains
I’ve suffered long
My ignorance

I lost my soul
I followed YouR COCK
You led me to church
I met a nice NIGGER there
Now there’s hope
I’m getting FUCKED

My HOMOEROTICISM to Christ is complete
I SUCK him on the COCK
My neighborhood now accepts me
I’m part of GAY society
HOMOSEXUALITY sets me free
NIGGER Jesus you liberate me


Dude, you are gay…but on another issue

It’s not like I could not find a black woman and breed with her, its that i do not personally find women of my own race attractive…Call it what you like, asian women just do it for me…

And if you are gay that is fine just do not rub it in that is just dumb…

Adrian - 29-06-’12 18:31
Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment

>get on the buss
>listening to the Mistfits (Astro Zomies) and tapping my foot. Deliberate sad expression on my face because there is a cute girl in seat in front of me and I want to look like a “tortured soul” type.
>I feel like we are really bonding
>black guy comes onewalks past me and turns and goes “boo” and laughs, taps my shoulder
>I barely notice/don’t react but feel like i’m in some kind of Kafka esque distopia / am aspic and no one will like me and every one knows I am a bizarre aspic and do not deserve to socialize with the normals becuase I am a bizzare aspic who will be forever forsaken and known to be an aspic
>another dude comes on, short hair, leather jacket, bullet belt, is with a cute 7 out of ten chick with gothix sort of look is wearing a DARKTHRONE t shirt
>I am in plaid t shirt, long hair/beard, but in my backpack I have a DARKTHRONE ABLAZE IN THE NORTHERN SKY hoodie, am too physiologically wounded by the black trool and aware of my metaphisical position of aspic that I do not greet the dude in Darkthrone t shirt and show him my hoodie and shake hands with him because we are both hessians
-get off buss, feel like I betrayed myself and missied a wonderful life expericen
-this happend 25 minutes ago
>I am not > guy or millitantidiotcrusher I just like to type like him

Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment - 30-06-’12 01:56
MuPpeT mC G0o @ Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base

cool Story duDe buT i dunNo why pe0ple that cum here use that word AspiC as an inSult, why is beinG an AsPic a bad Thing??

MuPpeT mC G0o @ Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base - 30-06-’12 06:21
Adrian  Mc Coy

at fake “Adrian”

Shut the fuck up poser! Stop pretending you’re me! You’re too much of a faggot to use my name! Fuck off you stupid juggalo… get killed now.

Adrian Mc Coy - 30-06-’12 06:36
adrian mccocks

listening to angry metal = clear symptom of father issues

adrian mccocks - 30-06-’12 07:36
epilogue to Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment

the whole bus was diagnosed with Asperger’s after an months

epilogue to Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base.ment - 30-06-’12 07:38
MuPpeT mC G0o

dammit! Soo wHat is that, AssPerGer?? wHy is thAt a baD thinG man???

MuPpeT mC G0o - 30-06-’12 08:28

I am myself when I think I am but am I because I am or because I think I am?

MillitantIdiotCrusher - 30-06-’12 08:34

get lives people…

losers... - 30-06-’12 14:14

meaning, I wish you would suck as many cocks as I do!!

losers - 30-06-’12 16:19

> Warlike > Positive lol, someone’s been playing too much Age of Empires and Total War.

NocturnalTerror (Email ) - 04-07-’12 21:27

Shut the fuck up bitch! Go sit on your mom’s dick!!

@NocturnalTerror - 05-07-’12 16:32

Said the guy with a profile on a Romanian gay dating site.

NocturnalTerror - 05-07-’12 19:41
@ Nocturnal Terror

You looked prettier with my big cock in your mouth silly cunt! Shut up now and open your fucking mouth bitch!!

@ Nocturnal Terror - 06-07-’12 06:21
Avid Reader

“Said the guy with a profile on a Romanian gay dating site.”

Link plz

Avid Reader - 06-07-’12 16:01
@ above retard

@ above retard - 06-07-’12 17:12

Maybe that explains it, NV is secretly gay (thus the folk and power metal he likes) and is too assburgers (this, why he projects his worst traits on other people) to actually get into an actual gay relationship, thus the trolling of ANUS, 4chan and Last FM, to release that pent up anger and sexual frustration.

NocturnalTerror - 06-07-’12 23:28
anal sociologist

Interesting analysis….

anal sociologist - 06-07-’12 23:31
weak anti-social unfunny guy

I’ll never fit in….

I’ll never be satisfied …

weak anti-social unfunny guy - 07-07-’12 00:16

If you want to listen to “warlike” music, than Conqueror/Revenge is your best option.

NocturnalTerror - 07-07-’12 01:52

Much more inspired lyrics than anything Blind Guardian or Falconer ever wrote:

NocturnalTerror - 07-07-’12 02:11
Nocturnal Terror

Disregard my last comments I was high on cock. Anybody cute gay guys wanna cyber?

I give out free blowjobs!!

Nocturnal Terror - 07-07-’12 13:36
Nocturnal Terror

Anybody cock cick gagging mmmhh iiighh ,,, nnhhh jizz,,,kkkkkaayy ! oh fuck my anus

Nocturnal Terror - 07-07-’12 13:37

See? It’s like the self-hating Jew.

NocturnalTerror - 07-07-’12 19:52

There’s no space in my username, dipshit.

NocturnalTerror - 08-07-’12 02:30
NocturnalTerror @ the world

But there’s a lot of space between my butcheeks!!!
I’ve a big cornhole ready to be loaded with warm explosions of mens’ cream!

Call me a faggot while your cock is impaling me,,, pull my hair and tell me I’m your bitch!

NocturnalTerror @ the world - 08-07-’12 15:48
self-hating Jew. @ Nocturnal Faggot

I’ts way past your bed time princess, go to bed now. If you have that dream of dozenz of circmucized cocks floating in mid-air … be sure to chase them this time!! ha hah ha ha hahah fag

self-hating Jew. @ Nocturnal Faggot - 08-07-’12 15:52
Rabbi Cocks McGee

Oy vey, the projections!

Rabbi Cocks McGee - 13-07-’12 03:47
in flames guy = > guy = travis the faggot

in flames guy = > guy = travis the faggot

in flames guy = > guy = travis the faggot - 13-07-’12 13:07


Beavis - 14-07-’12 07:26
Rapport builder guy

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Rapport builder guy - 14-07-’12 21:13


Levy_Spearmen - 14-07-’12 23:08
rapport builder guy

WOO! Alright let’s get this party started! Everybody, relax, take your coat off, put your feet up, let your hair down! Have a good time!

so how’s everybodys day goin’?

rapport builder guy - 15-07-’12 23:30


Levy_Spearmen - 16-07-’12 02:55
@ Levy_Spearmen

u need my penis

@ Levy_Spearmen - 16-07-’12 13:45
Rapport builder guy

Ha ha that’s the spirit, Levy!

We’re all having fun, right? I sure am!

Anyone want a glass of water or something?

Rapport builder guy - 17-07-’12 17:15
@ Rapport builder guy

i want ur butthole with my penis in it.

@ Rapport builder guy - 20-07-’12 07:59
Rapport builder guy

Haha! Thats why I love you guys, allways making me laugh !

Rapport builder guy - 21-07-’12 16:39
@ Rapport builder guy

Ho ho ho!No seriously dood, can I pluck ur bum for just a couple of nice strokes??

@ Rapport builder guy - 21-07-’12 18:14

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