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30 06 11 - 06:20

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, this was a regular metal magazine that you could get for free at record stores in Houston.

Every concert and new record release was in it. Not only that, but it covered ANUSian topics -- much like the Metal AE -- such as the history of metal, music theory, what defined metal, genrology, the spirit of metal and the clash between metal and the counter-culture as well as the pop-culture above it.

The website has a comprehensive archive of their late 1980s and early 1990s issues, which focus on a mixture of heavy metal, speed metal and the birthing of death metal. The approach is professional even if the methods are homebrew:

Also see our article on Examiner.com.


Mastodon is the best


Under “Likes”, Mastodon comes up first. Weird?

Mastodon is the best - 30-06-’11 06:53
Dominating Fucker

@ Mastodon is the best

Weird? Nah! There are too many faggots out there with half a brain and horrible taste in music. There’s an even larger population of retarded hipsters that accept cock in the ass with the same ease they’ll listen to hipster banal rock music! Take you for example: you obviously only seem able to copy-paste a link to “make a statment”, which comes through as lazy and moronic. You clearly are a clueless ignorant emo-fuckwad that will eventually come out of the closet as a homosexual hipster-onlythere-for late night sexual abuse asshole.

How about if I break your fucking noodle neck and stick that mastodon cd up your fucking cunt huhh? Wouldn’t that “be the best” too, cocsucker fag??

Dominating Fucker - 30-06-’11 07:33
@Dominating faggot

“How about if I break your fucking noodle neck and stick that mastodon cd up your fucking cunt huhh? Wouldn’t that “be the best” too, cocsucker fag??”

Sounds like fun. When can we get to this? Only fag would want to do this to another fag. ;)

@Dominating faggot - 30-06-’11 07:59
Retarded Logic Adjuster

You can like Mastodon and at the same time recognize, through experience and meditation, that it’s inferior to other things, like Slayer.


Retarded Logic Adjuster - 30-06-’11 08:38

Did not the ancient Greeks kill billions by phallic impalement?

Levy_Spearmen - 30-06-’11 09:05
Dominating Fucker

Let me tell you more about my boring opinions of Mastodon, better yet, let me tell you how much I’d love a big hard mast up my ass. Ooo! Your ivory leg is what propels me! Harder!!!

Dominating Fucker - 30-06-’11 09:14

You can try to be sneaky, but that is certainly not Dominating Fucker.

Levy_Spearmen - 30-06-’11 09:23
tiny midget

stop it all of you, or behold the wrath of my tiny fists! i mean it… my tiny feet can also kick really hard!

tiny midget - 30-06-’11 09:37
metal warriors despise posers

“They do nothing for me. I fell in love with metal since the day it was spawned and have had my life revolve around it like an obsession. These fucking people, who created amazing metal and then took it so lightly, walked away from it, talked shit about it… Or praise all these other non metal things are these impressive influences…all those fucking faggots can eat shit.”

- Tom Stevens from NOKTURNEL

Nokturnel interview

metal warriors despise posers - 30-06-’11 09:43

“non-metal things”

What’s so bad about this? This is a really lazy thought process and it’s no better than saying “non-pop related music is weird and horrible”.

There’s a lot of metal that deserves respect but there’s probably a lot more great jazz, folk, classical, lots of shit

Tom Stevens can take his transparent “purist” persona and gently caress himself with it

8===> - 30-06-’11 09:57

Jazz is background music at best.


There’s more soul and skill in 5 seconds of an Eric Dolphy tune than all your blakk metul albums combined, child

8===> - 30-06-’11 12:02

There’s more soul in you masturbating to tranny porn than any shit Eric Dolphy ever did.

child - 30-06-’11 12:23
PRAVMIR.COM: Orthodox Christianity and the World
  • Greek Orthodox TV, “The Sickness of Religion”: http://www.youtube.com/user/GreekOrthodoxTV#grid/user/98D8A32209C6F87C
  • Father John S. Romanides: http://www.romanity.org/cont.htm#roman
  • Alexander Kalomiros, “The River of Fire”: http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles6/KalomirosRiverFire.php
  • Bruce Charlton, “Libels on Christianity”: http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2010/12/libels-on-christianity-christ-sends-bad.html
  • Father Alexander Schmemann, “Between Utopia and Escape”: http://www.schmemann.org/byhim/betweenutopiaandescape.html
  • Hieromonk Damascene Christensen, “Christ the Eternal Tao”: http://ancientfaith.com/specials/christ_the_eternal_tao
  • Father Seraphim Rose of Platina: http://www.deathtotheworld.com/seraphimrose/index.html
PRAVMIR.COM: Orthodox Christianity and the World (URL) - 30-06-’11 12:35


PRAVMIR.COM - 30-06-’11 12:38

Elder Cleopa, “The Four Laws by which Christ will Judge the World”:

pravmir.com - 30-06-’11 13:36

Rip the sacred flesh
Sodomize the holy asshole
Drink the red blood of the mother of earth
Masturbation on the dead body of christ
The king of Jews is dead
and so are the lies
Vomit on the host of Heaven
Masturbate on the throne of God
Break the seals of angels
Drink the sweet blood of Christ
Taste the flesh of the priest
Sodomize holy nuns
The king of Jews is a liar
The Heavens will burn
Dethrone the son of God
God is dead
Holyness is gone
Purity is gone
Prayers are burned
Covered in black shit
Rape the holy ghost
Unclean birth of Jesus Christ
Heaven will fall
Fuck the church
Fuck Christ
Fuck the Virgin
Fuck the gods of Heaven
Fuck the name of Jesus

Jehovah - 30-06-’11 14:09
Maeror Tri

Paul Ledney’s blasphemy is in fact a PROOF of God’s existence. It is purposeless to attack something unreal for so many years. Either God exists and that’s the reason to blaspheme Him – if we are on the evil/opposite side of course – or Ledney just makes a cheap theater to gain useless underground “cult” status. Either Christ is Love or Ledney is just another post-modern dramatic blabber /attention w**re/.

Maeror Tri - 30-06-’11 14:33
a 12 year old boy could have figured this out too, you fucking moron

The reason to blaspheme is to show that god is powerless and useless. If he is powerless and useless then he is not the god described in the bible. So it’s perfectly fine to believe the christian god doesn’t exist and at the same time blaspheme against him. In fact this form of blaspheming is a confirmation that the judeo-christian god doesn’t exist.

And to be antichristian doesn’t necessarily mean one is a satanist. An antichristian can have any non-christian religion or simply be an atheist.

a 12 year old boy could have figured this out too, you fucking moron - 30-06-’11 14:55
hey, where's my IQ?

God could be “powerless and useless”? In black metal lyrics and cover art – yes, but in REALITY
Maybe you should ask the Muslims about that. :)

hey, where's my IQ? - 30-06-’11 15:24
Alter Reality

In black metal lyrics and cover art – MAYBE, but in REALITY


Alter Reality - 30-06-’11 15:28
Empire Algol

Fyodor Dostoevsky, “Notes from the Underground”:


Leo Tolstoy, “The Death of Ivan Ilych”:


Lev Shestov:


Lars Gustafsson, “The Death of a Beekeeper”:

Lars Gustafsson (born May 17, 1936) is a Swedish, poet, novelist and scholar. He was born in Västerås, completed his secondary education at the Västerås gymnasium and continued to Uppsala University; he received his Licentiate degree in 1960 and was awarded his Ph.D. in Theoretical Philosophy in 1978. He lived in Austin, Texas until 2003, and has recently returned to Sweden. From 1983 he served as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught Philosophy and Creative Writing, until May 2006, when he retired. In 1981 Gustafsson converted to Judaism.1

Empire Algol - 30-06-’11 15:43

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