Terrorizer to release new album in 2012

15 06 11 - 08:06

From the Morbid Angel myspace:

TERRORIZER is back with a new album and the line-up consists of Pete on drums, Anthony Rezhawk, David Vincent on Bass and Katina Culture on guitar. The new album is in its final stage of production and will be out early 2012.

No word on whether they'll do a 28 second cover of "Radikult."

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David Vincent

World Downfall was just embarrassing kids’ stuff. Our new album is a much more mature and progressive piece of art inspired by the likes of Dr. Dre and free jazz; a real celebration of diverse musical styles, most of it was written during a period when I was really into postmodernism.

David Vincent - 15-06-’11 08:29

I don’t think anyone cares.

yup - 15-06-’11 09:08

Yeah, this is likely going to be as bad or worse than “Darker Days Ahead”.

deadite - 15-06-’11 10:48
born after 1987

Yeah the new Terrorizer is probably gonna suck. My life sucks. I was born too late. I missed out on the days when all the great albums were released. I never got to see Morbid Angel play live during the Domination era. I never heard of Terrorizer until today. I wish I’d never listened to Korn.

born after 1987 - 15-06-’11 12:37
a fat white nerd

I put free jazz on the same level as mainstream rap because I literally don’t listen to anything except chubster aspie-pandering metal :D

a fat white nerd - 15-06-’11 13:35
1/64 cherokee anorexic slut

Jazz is good because it’s the music of an oppressed minority; I literally don’t listen to anything except for what makes me seem trendy and progressive amongst my fellow women’s studies students. :D

1/64 cherokee anorexic slut - 15-06-’11 14:23
a fat white nerd

I suck cocks too!

a fat white nerd - 15-06-’11 16:45
Adrian McCoy



Adrian McCoy - 15-06-’11 18:40
the return of Adrian McCoy...

Hi Adrian, how are you? I´m glad you’re back to the blog. Haven’t seen you in a while. You’ve missed out on lot of things around here. There’s this dude named levy_spearmen that’s totally tryin to take your place as official mascot. There’s aldo tiny midget constantly flashing his 1.5 in mini cock to us all. Anyway, where were you dude?

the return of Adrian McCoy... - 15-06-’11 20:34
Little Miss Peabrain

The writers of this blog need to stop being assholes. The new Morbid Angel kicks ass and you know why? BECAUSE THEY’RE MORBID ANGEL! THEY’RE BACK! And David is back too! So stop bitching! David Vincent is an incredibly talented vocalist and has fantastic stage personality. It’s great that David is back with Morbid Angel and their new album shows incredible musicianship, innovation and progression! Three words that this site doesn’t seem to care about. I am very curious to hear the new Terrorizer and I’ll probably like it. You know why? Because I have AN OPEN MIND! I don’t understand what your problem is with the world anyway. You’re just ASSHOLES!

Little Miss Peabrain - 16-06-’11 00:10
entirety of metal hall activity encapsulated


entirety of metal hall activity encapsulated - 16-06-’11 08:09
Redneck From Hell

Compared to the new Morbid Angel opus, Rammstein is Altars of Madness. I hope the new Terrorizer will be great cause Gayvid will bring some old great Motley Crue vibe. Cheers!!!

Redneck From Hell - 18-06-’11 10:51

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