Vote for The Best Death Metal Album Of All Time

12 06 11 - 13:00

One of the other old school metal sites is Brian N. Russ' If you've read these pages for awhile, you know that Vijay Prozak and our other writers enjoy this site for its pithy characterizations of several generations of metal.

It's a far better resource than Metal-Archives, who are so upset by old school sites that they censor both BNRmetal and on their forum, and the odious wikipedia which was clearly written by marketers and truly clueless "fans" of mainstream music that wants to be "bad" like that underground music. In fact, it's where my research often starts for new bands, followed by going to a blogspot and downloading the damn thing. is now holding a contest, "Vote for The Best Death Metal Album Of All Time," which pairs some old favorites against each other:



If you have any strong opinions on this issue, go here to vote for's best album of all time.




slayer! - 12-06-’11 13:24
real metal fan

Who cares about these shitty fucking albums? Only worthwhile one might be Nespithe.

real metal fan - 12-06-’11 13:45
fuck you

Who the fuck thinks that Sorcery is better than Nespithe? I mean seriously…

fuck you - 12-06-’11 15:08

Most of the people who voted in this poll DO think Sorcery is better than Nespithe. Check the results.

Toaster - 12-06-’11 15:11

Yeah that’s fucking retarded and ridiculous. Both are ass but Sorecery, what a shitty shitty album

ass - 12-06-’11 15:43

We need to unite against all posers that come to this blog to post noob-fag comments. You’re all a bunch of fucking posers. If you are a hipster, please refrain from coming to these intellectually superior metal site.

Kontinual - 12-06-’11 17:00


hweeb - 12-06-’11 17:19
solomons ghey


solomons ghey - 12-06-’11 17:20
Whirlwind Reaper

Nespithe is better than Socery hands down, though the latter does have its merits.

Whirlwind Reaper - 12-06-’11 17:23
Better than Deicide, fags

Massacra – Enjoy The Violence!

Better than Deicide, fags - 12-06-’11 17:57
Metal Nigger

Korn’s self titled is obviously the pinnacle of heavy music.

Metal Nigger - 12-06-’11 18:43

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never even heard about these albums before. But it sure is a lot of fun posting comments on this blog! I’m having so much fun I nearly spilled my organic tea all over my Macbook Pro!

Hipster - 13-06-’11 00:09
Hipster #2

Nespithe is actually quite good! I don’t really have an opinion on which one is better seeing as though I like them on all.


Hipster #2 - 13-06-’11 04:51
Hipster #3

Atheist’s “Elements” is the best Death Metal album. Truly ahead of its time.

Hipster #3 - 13-06-’11 05:08

death metal, what a joke

lol - 13-06-’11 05:26

>implying hipsters give a shit about laughable lowbrow trash like death metal

lmfao - 13-06-’11 05:27

derp - 13-06-’11 08:02
Depar Havohej

Lord of Lies, I blaspheme thine lies! Enslaver, thou art the fear of humanity projected into the sky! Whilst thou livest as illusion, Satan’s temptation rules earth, and we join in unholy apostasy to sodomize, bukkake-ize, desecrate, violate, mock, torment, eviscerate, cover in flour and deep fry, gang rape and cluster fuck your bastard homosexual son, Jesus “Emo Faggot Downer” Christ!

Depar Havohej (Email ) - 13-06-’11 09:48

I’ve always wondered what he was saying.

Levy_Spearmen - 13-06-’11 10:18
Nesphite > Sorcery, Massacra > Deicide, Necrophagia > Carcass, 10 comandments > Left Hand Jackoff

Man, whoever is voting is a total faggot.

Nesphite > Sorcery, Massacra > Deicide, Necrophagia > Carcass, 10 comandments > Left Hand Jackoff - 13-06-’11 15:55
fuck you faggot

Uhh, Carcass is the best of those, followed by Left Hand Path, you fucking faggot.

I bet whoever voted for Kataklysm voted for the band name and not the actual album. Have any of you actually listened to that shit?

fuck you faggot - 13-06-’11 16:31
say that to my face bitch

YOU are the fucking faggot, mate.

say that to my face bitch - 13-06-’11 17:01
on your face bitch

on your knees fuckwad, you were born to this earth to pleasure my dick in all human ways possible, your slut mother’s asshole was too loose to satisfy my needs, so you come next in line…

on your face bitch - 13-06-’11 17:38

Wow, there’s a lot of dick sucking faggots here on this site. Quite impressive.

Hipster - 14-06-’11 04:35
thanks for reminding me that death metal is gay

Necrotism is a shitty album. Why not choose Symphonies instead? And Negrofagia is a disney approach to metal. The only time I can appreciate Season of the Dead is when I compare it to Scream Bloody Gore. Entombed and Malevolent Creation are both shitty populist bands. Whoever makes these polls is a total faggot.

thanks for reminding me that death metal is gay - 14-06-’11 04:41
You fucking faggot!

Because “Symphonies” is a grindcore album.

You fucking faggot! - 14-06-’11 05:20
you are all such utter, utter faggots

“Necrotism is a shitty album. Why not choose Symphonies instead?”

You’re a fucking faggot.

Necroticism is WAY above Symphonies and its shitty production. You don’t hear shit like the beginning of Pedigree Butchery in any other def medal, that’s pretty tasteful right there (and I don’t mean the intro clip). As for Symphonies being grind, yeah I guess if you consider grind to have 7 minute long songs

you are all such utter, utter faggots - 14-06-’11 05:48


You really are a faggot, bro. Entombed was one of the only bands to ever do anything right, once, in death metal.

lo - 14-06-’11 05:53
I'm tired of all the faggots in this site

So now music is categorized based on lenght of songs?

I'm tired of all the faggots in this site - 14-06-’11 06:00

Necrotism is when Carcass became full faggots. It’s the turning point between Symphonies (kinda faggots) and Heartwork (total faggots) Let’s be honest Carcass is faggot music made by faggots for a faggot audience. They simply increased the faggotry with each album to attract more faggots to their faggot music. Jeff Walker and Bill Steer are a gay couple who have ventured into anal sex on many occasions. All these are well-known facts, faggots.

faggotmania - 14-06-’11 06:26

The only people who like Necrotism allot are the batch of kids who are just getting into death metal this year. Normal and older hessians are indifferent to it, because it’s just not very good.

truth. - 14-06-’11 16:04


YALL UDDER UDDER FAGGOTS - 14-06-’11 17:40
herpy mc wannabe hesher, internet nerd

durrrrp its just not very good cuz i said so durrrrrrrp

herpy mc wannabe hesher, internet nerd - 16-06-’11 08:22

gay mainstream bands vs gay underground bands

tom - 17-06-’11 17:18

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