Brutal Truth "End Time"

07 06 11 - 16:50

Second-wave grindcore band that created the epic "Need to Control" returns with a powerful, tight, technical and yet musical release. From the forthcoming album of the same title.

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(yes srs)

I’d type a troll comment but that was actually pretty good.

(yes srs) - 07-06-’11 17:14


doubt - 07-06-’11 22:19

sage for shitty manchild noise

sage - 07-06-’11 23:07
wut u think

Im hearing some Deicide influence here.

wut u think - 08-06-’11 00:35

I think you just came up with the cure for e.coli!

@doubt - 08-06-’11 04:01
Born after 1987

The nineties were so much better at everything. There was better music, better drugs, better economies, better suicides, better racism, better wars… Nowadays everything is just liberal, emo and anti-muslim. I sure wish I could relive the glory days of the nineties!

Born after 1987 - 08-06-’11 10:55
My life sucks.

Fuck sake, I was born in 1991.

My life sucks. - 08-06-’11 15:35
I suppose.

Your average girl is more attractive nowadays, at least.

I suppose. - 08-06-’11 17:03
Your point?

Making life all the more hellish for you, who doesn’t get any.

Your point? - 08-06-’11 23:22
you lie

I get tones of pussy.

you lie - 09-06-’11 01:18
I truth

I get tons of dick, pussy and nubs.

I truth - 09-06-’11 05:12
jungle fever millenium

Women and sex are much better after 2000! At least they know how to shave their pussies now. And I certainly didn’t have this much interracial sex in the nineties!

jungle fever millenium - 09-06-’11 07:11

Yeah, white pussy/black dick is the new phenomenon.

"I got jungle fever, she's got jungle........." - 09-06-’11 11:16
you lie

it sounds like fish too, guys

you lie - 09-06-’11 19:45
Satisfied virgin

life ain’t so bad!

Satisfied virgin - 09-06-’11 19:57

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