Morbus 666

06 06 11 - 11:48

Morbus 666 is a project of Imprecation vocalist and Bahimiron multi-instrumentalist Dave Herrera, who has a number of projects of note and clearly understands underground metal as the living, untameable thing it is. The band have just releases Mortuus Cultus on Graveless Slumber Records, and you can now hear a track from it:

Morbus 666- Baphe Metis (Absorption into Wisdom)

Label release:

GSR is now taking preorders on the debut material from one of the newest and in my opinion best Texas black metal bands, Morbus 666! Comprised of members of Bahimiron, Adumus, Imprecation, and Thornspawn, Morbus delivers venomous vile black metal in the old ways! This album unleashes 5 tracks of morbidly twisted black metal in the Behexen meets early Enthroned vein, all for the glory of the Horned One! All preorders and an unspecified number of first editions will come with 7" bonus artwork outer sleeve as well as stickers and possibly more!

Track List-

1) Summon the Cult of Pentagram
2) Baphe Metis (Absorption into Wisdom)
3) Possessed by the Glory of Lucifer
4) Those of the Devil's Flesh
5) Poisonous Blood

five comments

lol yay guy


lol yay guy - 06-06-’11 17:13

Fuck your gay ass garbage, this is what REAL METAL fucking sounds like you faggot.

That and these:

TRUE METAL BLOG - 06-06-’11 19:01

Huh, pre-orders? This album has been out for months; it was released on Onward to Golgotha day (Good Friday, for you worshippers of the dead jew on a stick).

And it’s a fantastic album. Like Bahimiron, but without the lyrics about whiskey.

Cynical - 07-06-’11 22:15

lol @ Cynical still listening to godawful, faggoty metal and thinking Jesus jokes are edgy

You still a virgin at 24 bro?

L.M.F.A.O. - 07-06-’11 23:02

Disregard that I suck cocks.

L.M.F.A.O. - 07-06-’11 23:16

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