Adventures in radio

01 06 11 - 18:31

Shane Bugbee, who with his wive Amy conducted the "365 days at the wheel" that interviewed Averse Sefira in Texas, has posted 100 hours of his radio show "three ring radio" @… here's a link, search "three ring radio" for 100 shows including interviews with folks like tommy chong, king diamond, penn jillette, seka, andy kahn, isacc bonowitz, max cavalera, tempest storm, george petros, wes beech, Roger Miret, get boys, phil anselmo, Nicolas Claux, Dr. Helen Morrison, Timothy Wylie, PETER GILMORE and so much more.

If you like apocalyptic synthpop and dark neofolk, consider Aural Apocalypse. Their playlist looks like this:

Haus Arafna: Heart Beats Blood Flows
Johann Merrich: Energieumwandlung
Finger Painted Death: Mescaline
Forests and Communism: Verschwinden
The Tiroler Horn Section: Call 911
Osewoudt: Ogen van Stro
The Blue Hour: The Night is Windless
Theandria: The Evening Darkens Over
Ritual Front: On Mother Earth (На Сырой Земле)
Voice of Eye: The End of All Things
Apologist: Away (edit)
Lingua Fungi: God on a Raft of Serpents
Atomtrakt: Stunde Null
Barbarossa Umtrunk: Oberland Freikorps
Kriegsfall-U: Same Entities
Spirits in Ambiance: The Sheltering Sky


John Stuart Mill

Hey guys, wanna grab a couple beers?

John Stuart Mill - 01-06-’11 19:03
Martin Luther King

Sorry dude, i’m busy.

My fuckin’ girlfriends having an abortion.

Martin Luther King - 01-06-’11 19:04
John Locke




John Locke - 01-06-’11 19:44
Maximilien Robespierre

Fuck yes this rulez~!@!!!!@!!!!

Lets get drunk yo’z!!

Maximilien Robespierre - 01-06-’11 19:45
Morbid Angel are ANUS blogpost trolls

At 1:27

“…With magic to prove that the radicals are here to say YAY!! Hey!!”

LOL YAY!!!!!!

Morbid Angel are ANUS blogpost trolls - 02-06-’11 02:07
LOL YAY!!!!! (tm) please endorse “Illud Divinum Insanus” as the official album of ANUS blogpost trolls.

Sincerely, long time ANUS blog troll.

LOL YAY!!!!! (tm) - 02-06-’11 02:09


LOL YAY GO BRUNHILDE! - 02-06-’11 02:10

Yo John Stuart Mill, get your whitey ass over to Bree pronto. I’ve got some smoking weed and a massive wizard bong… pro,!

Gandalf - 02-06-’11 04:42
Martin Heidegger

Kickin’ back wit’ some KFC ‘n watching Family Guy… Dude this is so tight, yo pass the bong my nigga.

Martin Heidegger - 02-06-’11 07:40
Ronald McDonald

Ya know, guys? All this smoking weed and beer bellies mayight be bad for your souls.

Ronald McDonald - 02-06-’11 08:52
Elijah Muhammad

lol yay go harry POL POTter !!!!!!!!!!!!

kill all hipster radio podcasts / behead them kuffar

Elijah Muhammad - 02-06-’11 09:01
Raison d'Khomeini

disregard that; i am the black cocks


Raison d'Khomeini - 02-06-’11 09:03
The Next Thousand Minarets are in OSLO (LOL)

when a black cock penetrates
it fills the anus
with incrdible delight

a moan raises from the throat
and contaminates the air

i have been socratized

(excerpt from “The unreleased ANUS verses” by Vijay al-Prozak, YO NIGGAZ Publishing, 2011)

The Next Thousand Minarets are in OSLO (LOL) - 02-06-’11 09:10
ANUS: Anal Negroid Underman's Story

These “apocalyptic” “dark” “electro” “noises” are nothing but a pseudo-elitist hipster crap for the undermen who think they’ve grown enough to stop listening to “this dull banal death metal childish bands” and start enjoying the DEPTH of various meaningless NOISES.

Neofolk is for gays too. Pseudo nazi gays who “only like the aesthetics”, the dark imagery, but undoubtely suck immigrant cocks in snob cafes or some “clubs”.

Behead them and play FROM BEYOND loud!

ps. disregard that; dark emos of all kinds suck cocks

ANUS: Anal Negroid Underman's Story - 02-06-’11 09:22
Final will and testament


x 666

Final will and testament - 02-06-’11 09:24
Super Nigger

Neofolk is pretentious postmodern trash, boring pop music for effete effeminate ‘intellectuals’ who don’t have the attention span to listen to classical music. 5 minutes of Ralph Vaughan Williams is better than the entire discography of every single neofolk or ‘martial industrial’ band.

Super Nigger - 02-06-’11 13:11
Death In June

But what ends when immigration shatters?
And where will I find my black cock?

Death In June - 02-06-’11 16:06

Posting fail troll comments on some shitty blog is for worthless, degenerate faggots with a short attention span who can’t find productive ways to utilize their time.

Niggerocalypse - 03-06-’11 01:15

Disregard that, I love cocks in my mouth.

Niggerocalypse - 03-06-’11 01:38
Soren Kierkegaard

Fuck you and your dialectical bullshit Hegel, or should I call you… the synthesis of a black mans cock in your pasty white ANUS?!


Soren Kierkegaard (URL) - 03-06-’11 03:11

I hate this website…and Korn…

Adrian - 03-06-’11 15:34

I’m going to burn the dunkin ho’nuts in the plaza of Simon Filth boulevard and Dirt Tract road.

Levy_Spearmen - 03-06-’11 18:44

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