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21 12 10 - 21:02

Google now lets you select a "reading level" to your searches, from basic to advanced. What happens when we search for "death metal" in advanced reading level mode?

Death Metal

<3 Google

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hail the anus propaganda machine!

Even on a normal search, ANUS and Death Metal .org come up on the first page almost immediately!

hail the anus propaganda machine! - 21-12-’10 22:54

I’m waiting for the onrush of “You’re wrong because I want you to be wrong!” comments. Come on now, I know you guys can’t resist. I’m waiting retards!

T.G. - 22-12-’10 00:39

it also brings up a generic brutal death metal site and some pathetic Houston recording studio homepage.

ssss (Email ) - 23-12-’10 18:03

Merry Christmas all you gorgeous ANUSIAN men!

Peasent_boi_4_U_69 - 24-12-’10 17:02

google is the dimmu borgir of search engines.

troogle - 28-12-’10 11:32

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