How to disable a blinkie

The easiest way to disable a blinkie is to take a large paper clip and extend
one end of it so that it looks like this...

You then insert the tool into the holes evident on the blinkie's surface.  The
location of the hole depends on the color of the blinkie (and manufacturer).
The blue blinkie commonly found in wealthy suburban areas is disabled by
inserting the tool into the hole directly in the middle of the blinkie's body.
You should hear a "click" and the blinkie will cease to function.  The red
blinkie commonly found in highway construction sights uses the offset hole
located in either the upper hand right or left of the blinkie's body.  You will
NOT hear a click with the red one because it uses a slide switch instead of a
pushbutton one.  Again, the blinkie will turn off.  Yellow and black blinkies
turn off in a similar way as the red ones.


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