The Case for the Secession of Texas

I'm keeping this document short and a quick read because I don't like bloviation that does not relate to reality. If you find something missing, that's probably why.

Our world is experiencing rapid change. A wave of what we call liberalism, or the idea that we can build nations on the choices of individuals, has slowly overcome Europe and now the USA.

The only real force that opposes this is the idea of not bowing to either the collective or the individual, but having a goal that is both intangible and real. "Do the right thing," is the simplest and most vague way to say this. I like to think that it's an intersection of values: frontier values, European religious values, science and reverence for nature.

Many of you probably think you are liberals, or are liberals and don't know it. Is your ultimate goal individual freedom? I can't believe in that, because I see how time and time again people abuse this -- and how it leads good people to become selfish. We need a higher principle than convenience, which is another word for freedom.

During the time of liberalism, our nations have all become democracies in which any idiot can vote and every idiot does, so our leaders are now afraid to talk about any real issues. They are like advertisers and they spin fancy visions for us, but these have nothing to do with reality. So each year things get a little worse. More pollution, more idiots, more crime, more racial strife, more people lonely and living in tiny apartments, single, working drone jobs, not really happy about life.

Your politicians will say we can fix all these problems, but I want to just avoid these problems. The design of our society is bad. It's disorganized, and it's based on individuals having control and convenience, but the result is that we all suffer for the lowest common denominator. This means that the best among us are pulled down, under the lie of pulling up the lowest.

I am now old enough to believe that God and Nature are one and the same, and that we should not dedicate ourselves to reversing it. Nature works by pulling up the best and bravest and smartest. Nature does not care about those who can't make it. Instead, she makes more of those that did make it. That's how things get better. It's a process called "kaizen" I read about in a management book once, that they use in Japan. It's how their cars get so good.

Our nation is hopelessly divided. The liberals have made reality an option like cheese on your two-dollar burger, and that hasn't worked out so well, but they hide that from us because without liberalism, they're afraid their inner weird and freaky problems will suddenly be open to criticism. You could use the word "neurosis" for "liberalism" and not be wrong. It is a belief system that appears in every nation when fear gets stronger than the desire to create new and beautiful things.

Here in Texas, we are not as divided as the USA. We think the USA is about to split up or spend a long time tearing itself apart over the problems of the last Civil War, which was basically Northern Liberals versus the South, where people wanted states to have more ability to determine their own future; the Northern liberals wanted to force us to do what they saw was right, not what we knew was right in our own hearts.

A free and independent Texas is a good idea. We have land, industry, and most importantly, we have good people. We have a chance to break away from the death-trap that is the United States. People know that, and so they have created a big illusion to distract us: the argument that our secession is legal because the annexation of Texas was never legal.

Folks, don't let this smoke screen fool you. If we decide to secede, it's because it is the right thing to do and we will have an election in Texas that will determine whether it is legal in Texas that we secede. There is no law that can govern the independence of people from a host country, except the law of common sense. It no longer makes sense for us to be part of the USA.

We are not the only ones. Other states, including Vermont and New Hampshire, parts of California and North Carolina, are looking to pull away from the USA. We all see the writing on the wall: it would be better if each state was its own nation, and the USA was a Confederation not a Federation, meaning that each state could determine whether it was liberal or not. If Vermont decides to be liberal and in another twenty years their state is a mess, we don't have to pay for their mistake, and so we can rise while they fall. That's Nature and Justice.

All of the arguments about the legality of Texas secession are bunk. If it's the right thing to do, and our people agree, we should go ahead and do it. We can negotiate this because none of us wants to harm Americans, but by the same token, we don't want Americans to harm us by holding us hostage to the dying United States of America. Vote for Texas Secession. Vote for an Independent Texas. And don't worry about the doubters -- soon they'll be part of a different nation, anyway.

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