Letters to the Independent Nation of Texas

Terri from San Antonio
This really isn't a bad idea! I would just like to know what is being done to make it happen? People always talk about things but it never seems to happen. It would be nice if Texas could govern itself.

I agree. I think it's a good idea. To make it happen, we need to get the best and brightest in our new nation to agree it's a good course of action.

Unfortunately, right now the Texas secession movement is divided between different camps who agree on fundamentals, but divide themselves in an attempt to have power. We don't need more fringe groups. We need mainstream political action.

We will not be able to secede without winning a big election called a referendum on this issue. After that, we can begin negotiations with the United States and United Nations. We must do this legally and I believe I speak for all Texans when we say we don't want to harm Americans.

So, for now, there are two things you can do:

(a) Get involved with the groups listed on this page and convince them to launch a mainstream platform based on traditional conservatism, which is what Texans tend to vote for;
(b) Contact your local politicians and ask them to become involved with Texas politics.

In the meantime, we're looking for a better place to host our site and people with political experience to implement our policies.

Rob from Cedar Point
I would love to see Texas secede from the US. I was born and raised here in Texas.... lived here all of my life. I hate to see where this country is going as a whole, and I think that with the right people in the right places, we as a State could do very well for ourselves! We have everything we need right here in our State to survive and prosper. Where can I sign up??

Texas could do very well as an independent state. We could throw away the non-working social welfare programs and expensive internal bulk of our government, and put our money and our people to work on better things.

Right now, there are several Texas secessionist movements that are forming. We'll have more links to them and assessments of their "Realism Index" -- how close they are to working, or an assessment of how realistic their aims are.

Sean from Ft. Worth
I have similar values and am extremely interested in doing everything I can to live and help build a state that is non-binding to a slave like government. I'm tired of sending my hard earned money to Washington. I'd rather keep it local and see what it is being used for. It's hard to protest in Washington 1,500 miles away. One of the biggest problems for nations in the south and west US is that we are not close enough to Washington to make a difference. We need to enforce the constitution at all costs and allow states to have more rights than the Fed. Independent United States is what was intended and we need to get back to that original intention before these liberal commies try to overtake everything by force.

I agree completely. Interestingly, both leftists and rightists agree that local communities are better than big states. They are better for the environment. They are better for their people. And they allow an actual diversity of opinions.

Texas is not a liberal state. I think we are closer to the frontier mentality here, where we are interested in what works and not some spacy ideological rhetoric like they have in tyrant states. Liberalism unfortunately is a mental meme that takes over the minds of good people and makes them spout gibberish, even stuff they don't agree with, because it's an emotionally satisfying simple solution that makes them feel good.

I think many "liberal" goals are better served by an original conservative style government, in the frontier tradition Texas does best. I'm glad we have people like you on board in our quest for a free Texas.

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