Before blogs were common, or anyone knew what they were, and before AOL got everyone from the unspecialized mob onto the internet, your identity on the internet wasn't a pseudo-character like in a role-playing game or reality TV show. You used it to work and interact with others for the original uses common to the net; you socialized in what the kids now call "rl" for real life. Your "avatar" on the net was you, for better or for worse, and there was little to none of this "today I'm a 14year old female" stuff. You didn't have "screen name" that was (like any good product, of course) supposed to reflect your projected identity. This was a time when something like prozakhistan could be presented.

It's absolutely without visual appeal, and in the simplest possible form. You have to know what the browser back button does to navigate it. Very few images, and no video, javascript, etc. populate it. However, this isn't necessarily by design, but by convenience: if you're reading this site, it's because of the content - the words that represent ideas that are something your brain hungers for - within. I realize by doing this I may be cutting out 99/100ths of the internet (2004) audience. If that's how they feel about it, good.

This is a collection of ideas about life and a personal philosophy. It's strung together almost like a WIKI or any of the early hypertext experiments of which I was fond (and inclined to undertake). The original files for this site were served from a 486/66 in a dorm room, with SerWeb, an antique Windows 3.1-based web server. Since they were in a directory on my personal hard drive, I'd come home after a long day and blast some text into very simple forms. It was some of the most honest writing I've ever seen - whether it's "good" or not is for someone else to care about.


All contents Copyright © 1991-2004 S.R. Prozak


Q: This site is fucking ugly. Why does it suck?

A: I don't care

Q: Some of the opinions here offend me. What do I do?

A: I don't care

Q: These pages render like garbage in (insert browser name here)

A: I don't care. Try lynx32.

Q: I hate your site. What do I do?

A: I don't care

Q: There should be more representation of (insert political or social group here) in your pages!

A: I don't care

Q: No one is ever going to visit this page. You wasted your time.

A: I don't care