leftists oppose ownership, rightists endorse it.

i don't have either view.

to me, it's a means to an end.

when you lose sight of your heroic goals, things like ownership, food abuse, drug abuse, obsessive behaviors and the like fill the gap. ownership is a tool, like eating or taking a drug, or exercising, or a sword.

indulge it too much and you become cut off from the world, and suddenl you see nothing but yourself.

modern-day hindus, buddhists, etc. rail against the "self" but that's a misinterpretation of the original form of those religions.

there's nothing wrong with the self or with ownership

all in moderation, including moderation

i own this page. i'd like to own a house, once i find some place i can settle down for a long time. i like staying in motion however.

it means all things are just means to an end.