jobs really are jails. the primary reason is that you're there only through a process of lowest common denominator thinking. most people are insane, and incompetent, so we have to get everybody there and herd them together like sheep and give them very simple tasks so we can check up on them. further, you can't simply admit that someone is a head case, retarded-stupid, lazy or illiterate, so you have to keep them on the team, meaning that the 15% of the people who can actually complete a task anyway end up further compensating for a horde of useless people. it would be more humane for all of us to just pay them to stay home.

but, you can't do that. why? a job is compulsory. you don't do it because the task needs doing, or someone should be contributing to the community. you do it because if you don't, you won't have any money, you'll go broke and have to live on the street or (horror of horrors) move back in with your parents. you'd better fucking go, then. there is no agreement on the task, thus there's no group spirit, so it's every man for himself, and the result is a total lack of cooperation and thus more communication breakdowns, more lying, more evasion, more silliness.

jobs are the most un-heroic thing you can imagine. you don't agree you should be there, and the task itself is completely divorced from reality. shuffling papers, moving stuff around, selling crap - it's all part of this giant social machine and it's so atomized there's no connection between what you do and anything you give a shit about. further, you are marking time. you have a certain amount of hours there, and you want to make it go away. it's like taking drugs, but it's not as much fun.