i am not alone no neither are you (pronounced NIE-ther like a ZITH-er) but you are isolate in my mind forever spun between whirlwinds, trapped in the cold air that spins us all, turns us through this darkness. i am not afraid of the darkness ; i have been there when they have been raped, stabbed, shot, beaten, dispossed, gutted, fucked, spat upon, humiliated, brought to rivulets of tears dismissed like blood, i have spoke the talk and gone down the streets and felt my foot swell with the immensity of it, the stretching concrete towers over my head, the people in churning hordes that never cease, the world so eternal oh i fear it but you should not fear as your life is finite so much on this page and more is the pity for you, never the excitement bitterness agony sadness fear of dying, but never the resurrection, or did we set you free? tp tp please set her free, it's all of the end, we're all in the eternity, and as we sit here alone, in our darkness, it opens.