She was alone at the register. He had just left in a glow of his orange shirt against the white of the counter. He was moving slowly also.

Um do you have camel shorts?

What...are those.

Uh, mm, just camels without the filter. they're short cigarettes (holds up a finger to show her).

does she know?

She still frowned.

That's okay then. He put the beers on the table.

I need to see some I-D, she said. She smiled at him each time he looked at her.

this is crazy. i feel a wig coming on.

This is yours?


She looked very closely into my eyes.  I nearly fainted at the
counter, there, all white under her, very bright, as she looked at me real hard
for my ID.  I felt sweat grow in a prickly cold itch from my palm.


she smiles

oh up on the register. 6.85? bills.

as i get into my car, i wonder what "have a nice day" means to these aliens. i resolve never, ever to go the 711 this stoned again.