Each and every time when people have lost their love and respect for nature and the reality in which we all live, a series of individuals have revolted against the current society, in order to explore and once again make Life as a whole sacred. Classical music is an honest, brave and emotional expression of the things that make us human, as well as inhuman. It shares with us joy and pain, life and death, and ultimately teach us to celebrate both sides of our world, in order to once again establish a strong relationship to the reality that nurtures us and gave us life.
Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven spent his whole life on the works that weren’t known, on art that wasn’t appreciated. But he managed to succeed through these, by remaining holistically attached to the world, as he saw as beautiful and magnificent, and from there, transfer his emotions to musical art, with a firm and growingly decisive will. Music of a deaf genius, drew from this infirmity, profoundness. He wrote nine symphonies, which modified the aspect of the normal symphony of his time, by changing the instrumentalism, and the musical way of seeing the orchestra in work. In his struggle with fatality, for the conquest of his art, he had triumphed - and he knew it.... [ Read more ]

Johannes Brahms

Like many great masters before him, Brahms wrote music against the current of his time, composing supreme, austere works of absolute music. He restored the symphony as a viable genre for grand, moving expression when few composers dared approach the efforts of previous classical geniuses. Ever against the current, Brahms's works inspire with an august, pensive beauty.... [ Read more ]

Johann Sebastian Bach

The product of centuries of musical eugenics, Johann Sebastian Bach perfected many styles of the European music of his time. As an organist virtuoso, the depth of his intellect and of his soul played equal parts in his vast production, ranging from contrapuntal masterpieces, to profound harmonic reflections. Temporarily, his works sank into oblivion, but were soon to be rediscovered and became an immense inspiration for the successors of this Baroque era composer, whose genius left the world in awe... [ Read more ]

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